Iannis Xenakis: Complete Works for Cello

Iannis Xenakis composed just two pieces for solo cello, both fiercely remarkable in their own right. Nomos Alpha, from 1966, is an example of what he called symbolic music, in which the order of musical events is determined according to mathematical rules, while Kottos, composed 11 years later, is a portrait of one of the giants from Greek mythology who fought with Zeus against the Titans. The most substantial of the other pieces here is Epicycles for cello and 12 instruments, an example of later Xenakis, which is far less visceral in its impact and almost archaic in its chant-like melodic writing. The remainder are smaller-scale and pair Arne Deforce’s cello with single instruments – violin, clarinet, double bass, piano. Perhaps the most interesting is Dhipli Zyia, for violin and cello; written in 1951, it’s a rare example of early Xenakis – Bartókian in style and using Greek folk tunes as its source material. [Source]

Terry Riley – Mescalin Mix (1960-62)

“Mescalin Mix” is a tape-loop recording from 1960-62, partly inspired by Terry Riley‘s experience with mescalin and the work he did with Richard Maxfield. For this recording, the tape-loops extended out Riley’s window to a wine-bottle spindle in the yard; it was composed for choreographer Anna Halprin’s the Three-Legged Stool.

Graham Fitkin – Vamp – Angel Session edit (2012)

Inspired by the 1936 Post Office information film Night Mail by Benjamin Britten and W. H. Auden, the music is composed by Graham Fitkin (winner of British Composer Award 2009) with text by Glyn Maxwell (shortlisted for Forward, Whitbread and T. S. Eliot prizes). Track to Track will be premiered by LCO musicians with the Graham Fitkin Band at Cadogan Hall on March 22nd 2012. [Source]

Alexander Tcherepnin – Piano Sonata No. 2 Op. 94 (1961)

Alexander Tcherepnin (1899-1977) was a Russian born composer and pianist.

Maria Kalamkaryan was an armenian pianist, her hometown was Tiflis (Tbilisi = the capital city of Georgia). She plays on a Bechstein made in 1892.

This is recorded from very rare Stereo LP made in Germany, 1967.

Photo: Akira Ifukube and Alexander Tcherepnin (1936).