Galina Ustvolskaya – I – Reinbert de Leeuw, Vera Beths, Harmen de Boer (full CD); Trio (1949), Sonata No. 5 (1986), Duet (1964)

Galina Ivanovna USTVOLSKAYA (1919 — 2006) was a Russian composer of classical music. Ustvolskaya developed her own very particular style, of which she said, “There is no link whatsoever between my music and that of any other composer, living or dead.” Among its characteristics are: the use of repeated, homophonic blocks of sound, which prompted the Dutch critic Elmer Schönberger to call her “the lady with the hammer”…  [source]

Trio – for violin, clarinet and piano (1949) (16:48)
Sonata No. 5 – in ten movements, for piano (1986) (17:39)
Duet – for violin and piano (1964) (23:47)

Total time: 58:37.

Harmen de Boer – Clarinet (track 1) / Reinbert de Leeuw – Piano / Vera Beths – Violin (track 1,3)

Digital recording: October 5 & 6 1991, De Vereeniging, Nijmegen. The Trio is in three movements, marked espressivo (8:30), dolce (3:33) and energico (4:45), but is indexed as a single track. The CD was released in 1992 on hat ART records. Copyright (c) Hat Hut Records Ltd.






[inspired by Adrian Aurelius, thanks a lot]

Arnold Schoenberg – Phantasy for Violin Op. 47 (1949)

The idea of inviting Rudolf Kolisch and Eduard Steuermann to Darmstadt was suggested to Wolfgang Steinecke by Theodor W. Adorno. The efforts on the part of Darmstadt Internationale Ferienkurse für Neue Musik relating to twelve-tone music were, as Steinecke wrote in 1954, “intended to close the gaps that the offical musical world had left in the overall portrayal of New Music. For, at a time when one could reasonably assume a familiarity through a number of performances with the important works of Stravinsky, Krenek, Bartok and Hindemith, it seemed imperative from a pedagogical standpoint that the works of Arnold Schoenberg, which had been passed over in silence by the official musical world, should also be made known, in order to produce an objective and no longer one-side view of the situation of New Music.”