Scott Crothers – Quarter-tone Piano Prelude #1 (2008)

The Crothers’ Collection of Preludes for Quarter-tone Piano(s) currently number 12 Pieces. They may be purchased through PayPal from the download page of this web site. There are Samples from each Prelude that may be previewed before purchase. The Pieces were all composed by Scott Crothers using MOTU’s Digital Performer Notation Editor and their performance rendered by MOTU’s Symphonic Instrument plugin. _Quarter-tone Piano music has previously been composed by such notable musical figures as Charles Ives, Alois Hába and Ivan Wyschnegradsky. Although Quarter-tone Pianos have been constructed over the last hundred years, they are rather scarce and expensive. Live performance of Quarter-tone Piano Music is normally accomplished by two Pianists. One plays a Piano tuned normally while the other Pianist plays a Piano tuned a Quarter-tone sharp.

[via Peter Bengtson on Google+]

John Cage – JC + TT + SFT (2008)

Despite Cage’s repeated attempts open music to the world of noise, his catalog proves he did more to bring noise into the world of music, remaining disappointingly beautiful and musical. Originally commissioned by Mode Records for their upcoming “Cage(re)mix” CD compilation, the A-side to this limited edition colored vinyl release features a remix by Fagjazz impresario Terre Thaemlitz (a.k.a. DJ Sprinkles) that combines elements from twelve of Cage’s compositions with six new elements played by Thaemlitz. Ambient, moody and jazzy, this track emphasizes Cage’s reluctant relationships to musicality and jazz, appealing to ultra-deep dance floors and lounges alike. The B-side, not available elsewhere, features Simon Fisher Turner (SFT on Mute Records, Derek Jarman film soundtrack producer) remixing Thaemlitz’ remix. Beautifully succinct, succinctly beautiful… [Source]

John Cage: JC + TT + SFT EP | 12″ Vinyl EP | Released August 15, 2008 | C.017

1. Fagjazz Study for 12 Mode Sources + Six Additions JC remixed by TT 14:00
2. _cage tt set ivft TT remixed by SFT 3:48