The London Symphony Orchestra is joking!

The LSO is running a little joke competition on their Facebook page. Who said classical music was boring?

Here is my favourite:

A famous conductor was about to go on stage to perform with one of the world’s best orchestra’s when suddenly he was taken ill. The orchestra manager was frantic, and had no idea what to do, when a young viola player came forward, saying he knew the piece, had done a bit of conducting, and would be happy to step in. The concert was a roaring success – never before had the orchestra performed with such vigour, excitement and sensitivity. The audience went wild. The critics went wild. The orchestra were in raptures – a star was born!! Back stage after the concert the viola player was surrounded by his colleagues and friends, all wanting to congratulate him. He spotted his fellow viola players all standing nearby and went to see them. “Guys!! So? What did you think?!” They all turned to him and said “About bloody time!!! Where the f*** have you been??”