John Cale – At About This Time Mozart Was Dead And Joseph Conrad Was Sailing The Seven Seas Learning English (1967)

From Steinless Gamelan: Inside The Dream Syndicate Volume III by John Cale.

On the album’s longest work, “At About this Time, Mozart Was Dead and Joseph Conrad Was Sailing the Seven Seas Learning English,” at nearly half an hour for wollensack, viola, and guitar, tape edits are sliced into the mix, altering whole tones and creating intervals out of seeming half and semi-quavers. Interestingly, since the notion of the piece is to move ever upward, these cuts seem to create intervals of modulation where there were none. [source]

John Cale – Tape (Wollensak), Viola, Guitar

Sterling Morrison – Viola, Guitar

The track is recorded May 1967. Released on Table Of The Elements. © John Cale 1967.