Corigliano speaks out on ‘Darkness’ rejection

Last week, MovieScore Magazine published the news about Howard Shore replacing John Corigliano as the original score composer on the upcoming Mel Gibson thriller, Edge of Darkness. Today, we have a lot more information for you – from Corigliano himself! One of the most respected and acclaimed composers of contemporary concert music in the world, Corigliano had written three feature film scores prior to Edge of Darkness, with The Red Violin earning him the Oscar ten years ago. The rejection of his Edge of Darkness score was met with great disappointment among fans of his music and in the film music community, and the reasons behind the switch of composers has been somewhat unclear.

MovieScore Magazine can now present to you a revealing interview with John Corigliano himself on his music for Edge of Darkness, and the events that ultimately led to the rejection of the score. Why was it replaced? What did it sound like? Will he ever score another film? Moviescore Magazine asked.

Listen to The Red Violin Caprices on Spotify here.


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