Per Nørgård – Symphony No. 8 (2011)

SYMPHONY NO. 8 – for large orchestra was written in 2010-2011.

“8th Symphony was commissioned by the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra and is dedicated to this and conductor John Storgårds. First rate starts with sculptural up and down scales. The tonal result can be visualized, if you will, in spiral – and Zikkurat-forms. A playful, fast movement brings the term figure for that rate climax. Second rate is generally slow – and sensuous melodic. By turning scenes opened 3 pictures of a moving sound – melody and expression. 3rd rate starts in the biggest unrest, but creates gradually accelerating pace of increase towards this rate climax: a vibrating pianissimo shower completes the work …. and the symphony.”

– Per Nørgård (2012) [source]

Symphony No. 8 (2012) I Tempo giusto – Poco allegro, molto distinto
Per Nørgård (b. 1932)
John Storgårds, conductor
Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra
Helsinki Music Centre concert hall, 20 September 2012

Symphony No. 8 was commissioned by the Helsinki Philharmonic. This is the second performance after the premiere on the previous night.





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