Maurice Ravel – Bolero – choreographed by Maurice Béjart – performed by Maya Plisetskaya (1975)

Maya Plisetskaya’s dance set to Ravel’s Bolero is a stunning theatrical experience. There is something hypnotic about the rocking motion she sustains from start to finish, as though all that dance requires is the simple moving of weight from one foot to another. One woman, 40 men: is there something about the situation that is too hostile? Too aggressively sexual? What if it were one man and 40 women? Now a version with all men (and Jorge Donn in Plisetskaya’s role) – what role does subject matter (in this case, sex and gender as subject matter) play in a work of art? [Source]

Ravel: Bolero
Maurice Béjart
Maya Plisetskaya
Ballet del Siglo XX

3 thoughts on “Maurice Ravel – Bolero – choreographed by Maurice Béjart – performed by Maya Plisetskaya (1975)

  1. This concert was had for me to sit and watch at the beginning because they where repeating the beat over and over, with one female dancer, One hand dancer then two hands dancing,then saxophones started playing and her legs started moving with hands, about seven people were sitting with their heads down. She started adding her hip and legs bending side by side, then the people sitting raised their heads up. The same melody contained. the lady dancers hand did must of the dancing. The second part comes where she through her hands in front. Saxophone where used twice on the music. Later, two male stood up, one on each side of the table and started dancing with her.She was dancing slowly than the order male dancers. Three male immediately came up, little by little the male dancers joined her in dancing.Male dancers rounded the table while she was in the middle jumping and having fun l should say with the music.You can really tell that she enjoyed very bit of the performance by she smiling at the stage.All the male dancers where very good. It ended up not being barring as l thought. This was my answer not comment, before l could type my answer, l mistakenly touched something and it went even before l finish.

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