Richard Maxfield – Pastoral Symphony (1960)

From the album Electronic Music by Richard Maxfield.

A cassette reissue of the original out of print Advance Recordngs disc (1969), this collection contains some of the most beautiful and imaginative electronic and “live electronic” music ever made using only pre-synthesizer Army-surplus store electronics: “Pastoral Symphony” (1960) for three channels, one behind the audience, a lovely work like the “Night Music” on Odyssey records and his “A Swarm of Butterflies Encountered on the Ocean.” “Bacchanale” (1963) is made from a noise-improv-collage ensemble: poetry by Edward Fields, folk music recordings (many from Henry Cowell), jazz hangouts, scraping violin noises, underwater clarinet, drum and typewriter, as well as parts of Maxfiels´s “African Symphony” and the poetic “Wind” made of events separated from each other by beautifully timed silence; the sounds are composed of wind and the sounds of things that wind moves, like squeaking rusty gates; Maxfield makes it all into an intriguing piece, “Piano Concert for David Tudor (1961) for piano and tapes made from the performer’s improvisations. “Amazing Grace” (1960) a mass of tape loops, cut to a score (like Maxfield´s “Cough Music” (1959-61) and “Italian Folk Music”), which are humorous samples from a religious revival; part of the sketches for Maxfield´s opera “Stacked Deck.” A very interesting essay “Composers, Performance and Publication” can be read in La Monte Young´s An Anthology. [source]

Performed by Richard Maxfield :


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