Rhys Chatham – An Angel Moves Too Fast To See, Prelude (1971-1989)

From the album: Chatham, An Angel Moves Too Fast To See, for 100 electric guitars, electric bass and drums.

Like the composer’s works Warehouse of Saints, Songs for Spies, and Symphony No. 3, this innovative and dynamic piece is scored for the unusual ensemble of 100 specially tuned electric guitars, drums, and electric bass. Patterns of bell-like resonances are interchanged in wide spatial distribution among the various massed groups above a continuous rock beat. These first patterns are then alternated with fast tremolos of accumulating tone clusters and later ascending scales. The effect is indeed vast and, if this is your idea of heaven, angelic. [source]

1. Prelude (7:36)
2. Intro (5:06)
3. Allegro (8:39)
4. No Trees Left: Every Blade Of Grass Is Screaming (6:35)
5. Adagio (14:48)

Jonathan Kane – Drums
Ernest Brooks III – Electric Bass
Dominique Pichon – Electric Guitar
Jean-Francois Pauvros – Electric Guitar
Kant Condon – Electric Guitar
Robin Lyon – Electric Guitar

Mixed by Martin Wheeler and Rhys Chatham. Released on Table Of The Elements in 2006.

Here is the documentary of a performance in 1991 of An angel Moves Too Fast to See, Rhys Chatham’s 1989 composition for 100 electric guitars, electric bass and drums:


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