Jerry Goldsmith – Freud: The Secret Passion (1962)

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music composed by Jerry Goldsmith
Freud: The Secret Passion

Freud: The Secret Passion, also known as Freud, is a 1962 American biographical film drama based on the life of Austrian psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, directed by John Huston and starring Montgomery Clift as Freud. The original script was written by Jean-Paul Sartre, but Sartre withdrew his involvement in the film after disagreements with Huston, and his name was removed from the credits. The film was entered into the 13th Berlin International Film Festival.

The mostly dissonant, atonal score to Freud was one of the earliest works by composer Jerry Goldsmith It garnered Goldsmith his first Oscar nomination, which he lost to fellow rookie composer Maurice Jarre  for lawrence Of Arabia who, like Goldsmith, would go on to become one of the film industry’s most successful and respected composers. The “Main Title” from Freud, as well as the tracks Charcot’s Show and Desperate Case were later purchased and reused without consent of Goldsmith by director Ridley Scott for the acid blood scene and others in the film Alien  (1979), also scored by Goldsmith. [source]

1. Main Title (3:23) / 2. Meynert’s Tour (1:11) / 3. Charcot’s Show (5:13) / 4. Thirsty Girl (1:24) / 5. Case Histories (2:15) / 6. Desperate Case (3:30) / 7. Meynert’s Request (3:35) / 8. The Brothel (5:11) / 9. The Funeral (0:46) / 10. Cecily and the Dancer (3:07) / 11. Cecily´s Dream (1:12) / 12. The First Step (2:25) / 13. Red Tower Street (1:29) / 14. The Failure (1:51) / 15. Freud’s Trauma (3:21) / 16. Return to Red Tower (3:18) / 17. Freud’s Awakening (1:58) / 18. End Title (2:35)

Joseph Gershenson- Conductor







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