Laurie Spiegel – Sediment (1972)

On, Geeta Dayal spoke with the composer and electronic-music pioneer Laurie Spiegel. The reason? A bit of Spiegel’s 1972 piece “Sediment” has cropped up in the film adaptation of The Hunger Games. A 9-minute slice of pure atmospheric portent, “Sediment” is a perfect fit for any dystopian flick. Unlike a great deal of self-styled “experimental” music, it manages to deploy a mood of grimness with a counter-intuitively light touch. [Source]

[via Matthew Whiteside]


2 responses to “Laurie Spiegel – Sediment (1972)”

  1. Waaaw… it’s good. Never heard of her before. Have you seen her discography

    Why is this on your classical blog?


  2. Because it was from the same time as the Per Nørgård piano piece I played yesterday. I will re-post it on ELECTRONIC20.COM, though. It fits there as well.

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