Isang Yun: Piri for Solo Oboe (1971)

Isang Yun (also spelled Yun I-sang; 17 September 1917 – 3 November 1995) was a Korean-born composer who made his later career in Germany. Yun’s primary musical concern was the development of Korean music by the means of Western avantgarde music. After experimenting with 12-tone techniques Yun developed his own musical personality in his works of the early 1960s, post-serialistic “sound compositions”. Yun’s music employed techniques associated with traditional Korean music, such as glissandi, pizzicati, portamenti, vibrati, and above all a very rich vocabulary of ornaments. Essential is the presence of multiple-melodic lines, which Yun called “Haupttöne” (“central” or “main tones”).[source]

[Read here; Isang Young in a conversation with Bruce Duffie]

[Read about Yuns use of Hauptton technique in Piri (page 35)]

Heinz Holliger – Solo Oboe


Isang Yun







[inspired by Ronnie Rocket, thanks a lot]


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